Business Hotels in Bangalore Suitably Fit a Corporate Traveler

Beautifully situated in the southern parts of India, Bangalore is one of the most important cities in the state of Karnataka, India. Reminiscing about once being a tranquil cantonment area of the British, the city represents a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. On the one hand, Bangalore represents a glorious history steeped in rich culture and traditions; on the other hand, the city is bubbling with passion and zeal of modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. A melting pot of distinct cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Bangalore represents charmingly blended Hoi polloi that attracts and satisfies even the most sceptical travellers.

What to Do in Bangalore?

Bangalore has always been considered a city of lucrative career opportunities and business. However, an enchanting secret about the city that still remains unexplored about many people are its charming tourist attractions. A land of rich cultural heritage and technology advancement, Bangalore presents a myriad of fascinating tourist spots that stand as an epitome of a glorious history and modern city life. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city are Bangalore Palace, Jamia Masjid, Vidhana Soudha, Lalbagh Gardens, Cubbon Park, Altara Kacheri, Dodda Ganesha Temple, Ulsoor Lake, HAL Heritage Center and aerospace Museum, Bull Temple, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, National Gallery of Modern Art, and Visveswara Industrial and Technological Museum.

Business Hotels Bangalore

Bangalore is a renowned technology and industrial hub, which attracts travellers from across the country in pursuit of lucrative business opportunities and commercialization. It goes without saying that the needs of these corporate travellers will be distinct from the ones seeking a relaxed holiday in Bangalore. Catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the executive traveller, there are plenty of business hotels in Bangalore, well-equipped with business friendly amenities, conference hall and meeting rooms, and dedicated services.

The rationale behind choosing the corporate hotels is a myriad of business-centric facilities and a perfect work environment that makes it easier for them to connect to their workplace, clients and employees in the most convenient manner. Every business hotel has a well-facilitated conference hall in Bangalore, powered with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, telephone, satellite television, video conferencing, projector, facsimile, photocopy, laptop or mobile on rent, power backup, and round the clock technical support. Moreover, there are separate workstations and Wi-Fi connectivity in the guest rooms as well, making it easier for the travellers to work conveniently while enjoying the comforts of business hotels in Bangalore.

With such incredible facilities for the business traveller, corporate hotels with spacious and well-facilitated conference hall in Bangalore is indeed an ideal accommodation choice, offering the best of both worlds – luxury and work. Make sure that you check with the necessary facilities before booking your hotel in Bangalore.

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Business Hotels in Kerala Also Offer Accommodation to People

Kerala is an important state of India and is located on the southern part of the country. It is fondly known as the literate state that attracts people from diverse corners and enables one to spend quality time within its natural surroundings. This small yet, beautiful state shares its boundaries with the Arabian Sea on the west and Indian Ocean in the south, which makes the climate soothing and suitable. The backwaters, rain forests, wildlife sanctuaries, roadsides covered with coconut palms, elephant rides are the best attractions of the state and they attract tourists on large scale.

With most people venturing in from different parts of the world, the state authorities have come up with heritage houses, villas, apartments and hotels in Kerala. These are the best accommodation centers offered to people who come in to the state as tourists, corporate and business professionals and students. These hotels are known to suit the preferences and pockets of all people. Each of the hotels is registered and state government approved, which makes them easily searchable on the internet as well as with travel agents. Travelers can get the details of the tariffs and packages offered by hotel authorities that offer a clear picture to them and they make bookings accordingly.

In the present days, most of these hotels- five star, four and three star, luxury, deluxe and budget hotels have transformed themselves and come up with excellent ideas to offer more services to their clients. One such segment is the business ventures. Companies and firms who wish to host small business meetings, seminars or even presentations can look up to the business hotels in Kerala. These hotels offer accommodation as well as suffice the need of companies at the same time.

There are huge halls available with sound boxes, mikes, dais, speakers, and projectors available in the hall, with proper seating arrangement to help people complete their meetings and achieve targets. In addition with this, one can also arrange for snacks or lunch as per the timings of the lunch.

These things come up as additions with the packages and fall within reasonable rates making the trip pocket friendly. The companies and professionals can contact the hotel authorities personally and get their reservations done to avoid last minute delays and confusions.

In addition to this, there are regular facilities like fitness centers, Ayurvedic centers, spas, swimming pools, restaurants, lounge, laundry and medical aids, excursions around the city, small trips to the wildlife sanctuaries. This not only makes the trip fruitful but also enjoyable for professionals.

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Business Hotels in Bangalore Combine Business and Pleasure in Unique Manner

The city of Bangalore in Southern India was a cantonment-garrison town during the British days and earned the name of ‘Garden City’ due to its salubrious climate and dense green cover with huge parks and public gardens dotting the city. It also used to be a ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ because most retired folks, after many years of public and government service, preferred to live in is quiet, peaceful surroundings. Nowadays, Bangalore is all of this and much more. Its most recent avatar being the most preferred ‘Business City’ and ‘IT Capital of India’. With the technology revolution that has transformed the world and India in particular, Bangalore has evolved into a world class business destination, with a large percentage of global businesses, manufacturers and retailers etc. making a beeline for this friendly city. Business hotels in Bangalore are certainly an off-shoot of the advancement the city has seen in recent years.

When a city or town flourishes with the influx of corporate entities, the most important aspect of development centers around the facilities and infrastructure offered for smooth business functioning. Bangalore is extremely well connected through rail, road and air transports. As an important railway junction juxtaposed between the South, South-West and South-Central zones with connections to most towns and cities in India, Bangalore Central Railway Station sees a lot of travelers arriving and departing every day, most of them for business. Hotels near Bangalore Railway Station, situated in Kempegowda Circle or the Majestic area as it is more commonly known, range from small and mid-sized serviced apartments to slightly larger business hotels, are easily accessible by cabs or auto rickshaws.

Some of the more deluxe and star-rated ones are also within easy reach of the railway station. To get a bigger share of the business, most Bangalore hotels near the railway station give special room rates, discounts and packages with attractive offers like rooms with complimentary breakfasts, complimentary pick up from or drop to the railway station. Some go a step further and come up with weekend offers for families of business travelers as special incentives to increase business occupancy.

Departments of Tourism globally have guidelines for a hotel to be classified as a business hotel and Business Hotels in Bangalore certainly know the importance of adhering to these guidelines. Apart from clean, comfortable living spaces and in-house dining, recreation and personal care areas, business hotels have to provide Business Centre facilities like computers, fax, printing, scanning, photocopying along with adequate experienced staff to function as Business or Executive Assistants. High speed Broadband Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi systems, laptops and other gadgets are commonly seen in Business Hotel rooms.

Seizing the opportunities that have opened up for Bangalore, several leading hotel chains have promoted Business Hotels in Bangalore under a separate category. These can be medium size to slightly large hotels in terms of number of rooms and the utilization of space to provide for the business traveler. However, while they do not have to necessarily have high end luxury facilities, the established guidelines make it mandatory to follow pre-requisites for classification.

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Hunting For A Business Hotel

The number of business travelers hopping from city to city has been alarmingly rising in the recent past, so much so that almost all of us have become familiar with business travelers ruing about ‘living out of suitcases’. The growing demands of businesses the world over have made it all the more important for a business traveler to put their feet up at a good hotel, where he can eat well, have a good night’s sleep and work in comfort, to be ready for that business deal in the morning afresh.

Zeroing upon a hotel

Though most hotels will not agree, they predominantly can cater well to a particular class of travelers. Hotels that are meant for leisure travelers or party hotels are a complete no-no. Business visitors need to have an eye for such hotels and steer clear of them. With an increasing shortage of rooms in the lodging and hospitality industry, a beforehand and thorough research on the hospitality scene in the city of visit will take you a long way in boiling down to a few options. Also enquire of friends who have visited the place earlier and their experiences of a stay at a particular hotel. Once this has been done, consider calling up the front desk of these hotels instead of the toll free customer care numbers to find out if the hotel has some of the following features, which are expected of a good business hotel.

Internet access

On a business trip, there is a need to stay connected to the work back home, which requires internet connectivity. Check if the hotel provides a wired or a wireless internet service, is it restricted only to the guest lounge area or is also made available inside the room. Find out if there is help at hand in the form of in-house technical support in case problems arise. If the internet connection is wireless, how good is the signal reception in different parts of the hotel? Some hotels offer the computers in their business centers or high speed access within the room. Ask if there are any charges for the use of internet.

Quick and efficient customer service

Service based industries are known to treat customers like kings. While an efficient customer service is essential for any hotel for that matter, to survive, this efficient service also needs to be speedy in case of business hotels. A quick redressal of any customer requirement allows travelers to focus on their purpose of visit – business. A dexterous yet friendly staff is the key to an efficient and fast service.

Business centre

Find out if the hotel has its own business center and what facilities does it provide? Is there an opening and closing time for the center? Does it have equipment such as a fax machine, PCs etc.?


Location is probably the most important factor for a business hotel. A hotel located in the city’s business district or near the airport will pull the maximum crowd. These hotels make up on the convenience front what they lack on the scenic views from rooms front. If you cannot get a room in a business hotel near airport, look out for hotels that are close to public hotspots or commercial centers. This will be of tremendous help when the access inside the hotel goes for a toss for any reason whatsoever.

Transportation issues

A good business hotel understands the need of its clients to reach major business destinations within the city on time, and without much bother. Hotels offer transportation shuttles to business areas in the city or alternatively help customers in securing taxis or private cabs

In-room safes

Find out if there are in-room safes made available to business travelers. This will relieve you of safety issues, if any, during your stay. If at all there is access to in room safes, check if they can accommodate a laptop.

Flat screen TVs

Apart from just providing entertainment, flat screen TVs have connections for a laptop, MP3 player, portable DVD player and the like. With the help of a few cables, a laptop can be connected to the TV to view business presentations, watch movies or play music through TV speakers.

Specially designed rooms for business visitors

Many hotels have started embracing the concept of specially designed rooms for business guests. These rooms have a dedicated work area or there are also suites that are rooms wit guest quarters.


All the above features distinguish a business hotel from leisure ones. Be guaranteed of a comfortable stay at any hotel that adheres to these features. Choosing a hotel on this basis will certainly enhance your business manifold.

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Business Hotels – Top Tips For Relaxing Whilst Preparing to Meet Clients

When you’re meeting clients or colleagues away from the office, a convenient business hotel makes a great venue. Seasoned business people know how careful preparation ensures that you’re perfectly relaxed and ready for business. Here are some top tips for choosing your perfect business hotel.

1. Make sure the hotel has the functionality you need

Whether it’s wireless broadband or sophisticated presentation aids, a good business hotel should provide the technology you’re used to in the office. When planning a business meeting, work out what equipment you will need; then make sure your chosen hotel has everything on your list.

2. Has the business hotel been well maintained?

Make sure your shortlisted business hotels offer pleasing design, tasteful décor and the comfortable accommodation you and your clients expect. Light, airy ambiance and pleasant grounds make business discussions a pleasure. Look for evidence that décor and equipment has been recently updated. A willingness to maintain standards shows a hotel is serious about business – and reflects your professionalism.

3. Hotels for business – location is everything

Unless your guests want to experience serious nightlife, there’s a lot to be said for a business hotel that’s convenient to the city but located in a quieter out-of-town area. Some of the best business hotels are located out of town but near a major road into the city: convenient for business but away from urban noise when you need a good sleep before your big presentation.

4. The facilities you need to combine relaxation with hard-nosed business

A good business hotel makes it easy to do business, then break-off to relax with clients and colleagues in a beautiful environment. Look for somewhere with lovely grounds, a great selection of readily available drinks, snacks and meals and a team that really understands your needs as a business person.

5. Do business near an airport

Are colleagues or clients flying in for talks? Or maybe you’re off to an important meeting in the morning. Either way, look for a hotel that’s close enough to your airport to be convenient – but not so close that you get caught up in the airport hustle and bustle. The best business accommodation offers free transfers to or from the airport together with a room for your business meeting. It’s the perfect way to avoid delays from travelling through a busy city centre when you’re keen to get down to business.

Choosing a good business hotel is easy when you follow these tips. Once you’ve booked your perfect business venue, you can relax and get on with the deal of the year.

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