Recycling Household Items

Recycle Old Things

Often, a housewife finds many old things that she no longer needs, but she looks good and it is a loss to get rid of them, so the idea of recycling those things seems excellent to take advantage of those things to do new things, and save money you might need to buy Some of the things you lack that you can get from the idea of recycling. Every woman and housewife should have a good idea of recycling.

In addition, it is a practical and distinctive idea.It refines the artistic talent of each woman, fills the void by doing useful things, and contributes to a sense of self-confidence and joy when producing each new piece. . In this article I will put forward a number of ideas for recycling many things and going green at home via the house wire.

Recycling Ideas

Make pots of roses from a water bottle


  • A bottle of water as long as we wish.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Standard paint tray, or spray paint box as available.

The Method Of Work:

  • We prepare the bottle and wrap the adhesive tape on it, so that we leave a space between the first roll of the tape and the next, and thus complete the work until we reach the neck of the bottle.
  • Brush the bottle with the color we want, leaving it to dry completely.
  • We remove the tape from the bottle, so that we have a beautiful pot to put the roses in.

Create a portfolio for stationery


  • Cardboard rolls that cover the tissue.
  • Glue, or glue.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Medium piece of cardboard.
  • Colored pens.

The Method Of Work:

  • Lack of cardboard in the shape we want, it can be cut in a circular, or any other geometric shape.
  • We bring the cartons, then draw the shapes we want, and then glue them onto the base we designed.
  • We wait for the glue to dry and the cylinders are well fixed, then put the set of stationery we want.

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Making a worm puppet from old pods


  • Colorful cotton sock.
  • The amount of cotton.
  • Colorful nylon thread.
  • Accessories for making eyes, nose for the doll.

The Method Of Work:

  • Stuff the stocking with the amount of cotton we want.
  • We tie the sock parts at certain distances to divide the worm’s body.
  • We stick eyes, nose on top of the doll and so be ready.



  • Plastic bottles.
  • Saw scissors.
  • Spray paint can.
  • Floppy disk.

The Method Of Work:

  • Lack of bottle base by saw scissors.
  • Attach the bottle to the floppy disk hole.
  • Sprinkle the bottle and base in the desired spray color.
  • Wait until the color dries and the pots are ready for planting.

By Jeneva Aaron Author At TheHouseWire